Guide Services

Guide Services

You are planning to travel abroad and want to find a guide who will give you a tour in Russian of local attractions. What are the requirements for a guide?

Firstly, she must speak Russian. Fortunately, many of our compatriots live in many foreign countries today, who will be happy to give you such an excursion.

Especially if we are talking about some famous city or major tourist center. Secondly, it is advisable that he has experience in conducting excursions in Russian on the topics of interest to you.

Much also depends on whether we are talking about a regular sightseeing tour about local attractions, or whether you want to book some kind of special thematic excursion: for example, to musical or literary places.

In any case, it is better to clearly indicate all your wishes in advance, including the duration of the excursion and how in-depth it should be.

There may be another situation. You are flying to a city abroad and would like to take a tour that is conducted in a language you do not speak. Therefore, you need a local translator for what the guide is saying.

In organizational terms, when conducting such an excursion for one person or for a small group of tourists, a variety of options are possible, depending on the country and local customs and customs.

For a guide conducting a tour, the presence of an interpreter will, on the one hand, be a hindering factor. On the other hand, it is an additional opportunity to take a break while the translator is translating.

But not all guides are used to working in tandem with an interpreter.

As for the translator himself, in this version he is not required to have a thorough knowledge of all the details. The main thing is that he clearly, without distortion and with minimal omissions, translates into Russian everything that the guide will tell.

In addition, it should be taken into account that due to the time spent on translation (including inevitable repeated questions and clarifications), the duration of the excursion may increase by one and a half to two times. And if the time allotted for the excursion is fixed, then the guide will have time to tell you one and a half to two times less useful information. Even if it is translated by a super translator.

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