TRANSLATORS is a simple and reliable service that allows you to quickly find a suitable translator or guide and order interpretation services around the world is a cooperative of independent professional translators and tourist guides around the world. We created and maintain this site for the benefit of clients and translators, and not at all for corporations hiding from taxes. Some of them are incorporated in Cyprus in order to avoid paying taxes and enrich the owners at the expense of translators and guides.

Unlike similar services, does not charge clients! As a result, clients receive significantly cheaper and higher quality service. For example, several sites in this industry charge 25% from the client over the amount of the service and 25% of the amount of the translator’s fee! Both the client and the translator do not know that they are being shortchanged!

Clients do not need to register on our website!

Whether you are planning a business meeting with foreign partners or a tourist excursion, attending an industry exhibition, seminar or consultation in a clinic, you can easily find an interpreter who meets your requirements and budget around the world.

Finding an interpreter, guide, or driver and ordering interpretation services is easier than booking a hotel room. Whether you are planning  a business meeting  with foreign partners,   a tourist excursion  , visiting an industry  exhibition, a seminar  or  a consultation at a clinic  , you can easily find an interpreter that suits your case and budget.

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English<>Russian & Russian<>English translation 24 x7

Translation: 1 page $15

Proofread: 1 page /$15

Editing: 1 page /$25. We accept PayPal / MasterCard / VISA / Bank Transfer. More info:  Translators