You are traveling to a foreign clinic for consultation or treatment, and you need a translator who understands medicine.Medical translation is one of the most difficult types of translation. In this case, it is always especially important to accurately translate the diagnosis, as well as medical prescriptions and recommendations. A translator who confuses liver and spleen simply will not work.

To get a competent translation when visiting a foreign clinic or in consultation with a foreign doctor, as a rule, you need not just a general medical translator, but a translator who understands the specific field of medicine to which the disease relates. A translator who successfully copes with translations on general medical topics will not always be able to translate a consultation on urology or gynecology as successfully. One of the most difficult areas of medicine to translate is dentistry. In any case, when selecting an interpreter for visiting medical institutions abroad, you should consider how in-depth the consultation will be. Will the intricacies of medical diagnosis and treatment methods be discussed, or are you just going to discuss some general issues, for example, the fundamental possibility of hospitalization.

If you have in your hands any written extracts and conclusions related to the planned consultation, it is advisable to translate them in writing into the appropriate language in advance and, of course, give the translator the opportunity to familiarize himself with the originals and translations. If for some reason a written translation was not made, then the interpreter will have to translate these medical documents during the consultation “from sight,” which can be extremely difficult and will not allow you to get the desired result from the consultation.

No less important than the correct translation of medical terminology is the translator’s ability to understand the accompanying financial documentation. Often, a patient only learns in retrospect the true cost of hospital treatment he received abroad. Clients do not need to register on our website!

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