Translation at Ceremonial Events

Translation at Ceremonial Events

You are flying to a city abroad for a gala event with business partners or friends. You need a local translator who will help you fully participate in the planned celebration. On our website Clients do not need to register!

Events of this kind where you will need the help of a personal translator can be very different: City Day, company anniversary, corporate party, New Year, wedding, etc. The nature of the translation and, accordingly, the skills and abilities required by the translator will vary somewhat depending on the format and location of the gala event or evening (company office, theater, restaurant, recreation area), on the number of invited guests, on the degree of formality and on the quality in which you are present at this event: as an ordinary participant or as one of the guests of honor.

When accompanying and interpreting at a formal event, in addition to a lively and lively translation, the translator’s sociability, his ability to behave with dignity in an official setting, smartness, presentable appearance, and moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages are equally important.

Among purely translation skills, the ability to translate ceremonial speeches, jokes and anecdotes, knowledge of everyday vocabulary, proverbs and sayings can be useful.

If you are going to give a long official speech during the event, it is advisable to give the translator the full text in advance for review and preparation. Better yet, make sure that the text of the speech is translated into writing into a foreign language.

If you do not have a prepared speech text, try, if possible, to warn the translator what you are going to talk about, and to sort out with him those words and expressions that may cause additional difficulty during spontaneous translation. When selecting a translator, it is advisable to find out from the very beginning whether he has interpreted at such events before, and also discuss with him the planned program and the role that the translator will play in it. 

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