Translation of the Presentation

Translation of the Presentation

You are flying to a city abroad for a presentation, for example, of new equipment as an ordinary participant and listener and you need a translator. On our website Clients do not need to register!

In this case, translation is not much different from translation at any other public event (conference, meeting, round table). We need a strong interpreter who can quickly navigate an unusual environment and, of course, understands and has translation experience in the field of knowledge to which the topic of the presentation relates.

The conditions and quality of the translation will largely depend on your status at this presentation and, accordingly, the place from which you will follow the presentation. If you are one of the guests of honor and sit on the podium, this is one situation. If you are an ordinary visitor and are sitting somewhere in the hall quite far from the stage, then this is a different situation. It is difficult to provide perfect translation without special equipment. Therefore, the most appropriate would be “chuchoutage”, i.e. the translator will whisper the translation into your ear. Therefore, it is very important to choose a place where everything can be clearly heard and at the same time the translation does not greatly disturb other participants in the presentation.

If you act as an organizer and main speaker and plan to hold a presentation of your new product or service for potential foreign partners (no matter in Russia or abroad). Depending on the venue, number of participants and available technical equipment, consecutive or simultaneous translation is used at presentations.

For a presentation with a small number of participants and one pair of working languages, consecutive (phrase-by-phrase) translation is more often used.

Simultaneous translation is more suitable for official multi-hour presentations with a large number of participants and the need to provide translation into several languages ​​at once (for example, not only into English, but also into German or Chinese).

Unlike other types of consecutive interpreting, when translating presentations, special attention is paid to the appearance, business style of clothing and adequate gestures of the translator, and sometimes even to such factors as the age and gender of the translator. Ultimately, it is up to you to choose which translator is best suited to translate your presentation.

When translating presentations, clarity of presentation, accurate translation of terms, and correctly placed accents are especially important. Therefore, it is desirable that the translator not only be well versed in this topic, but also have the opportunity to familiarize himself with the full text of the presentation several days before it takes place.

For high-quality translation of presentations, it is important that the translator has clear diction and a loud voice. Moreover, even in a small room, additional microphones for the interpreter and for questions from the audience help make the interpretation easier for listeners to understand and the presentation more effective. It is also advisable to take care of them in advance. 

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